130 Hour TEFL/ESL with Teacher Resources


130 Hour TEFL/ESL with Teacher Resources

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Our 130-hour TEFL Course is proving to be very popular, with many acheiving their goal of English as a Foreign Language. We include all the course materials, worksheets and even our very popular English Grammar Book that may be used to by the qualified tutor to teach their own students.

Worksheets have teacher notes and answers, suggested lesson plans and numerous other resources are included. Nothing extra will be required to complete this course.

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Product Description

How would you like to mix business with pleasure in exotic settings or just have a very rewarding career change? If you would like to visit foreign lands teaching English to students that really will appreciate you then a “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” qualification is what you need.

Job satisfaction is easily achieved when you have students that appreciate the time and effort a teacher puts in to educate them in a subject they desire to learn.

We have put together an extensive course, written by tutors that have actually experienced “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and therefore know first-hand what is required.

English ability is sought the world over by leading businesses, therefore students seek to learn fluency in what is the premier language that will enable them to progress in their chosen career.

Once you acquire the “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” certificate you can prove to potential employers that you have the skills required to teach English to students that don’t possess English as their mother or primary language.

Unit 1 – Qualities Roles and Responsibilities

Unit 2 – Introduction to Grammar

Unit 3 – EFL Methodology

Unit 4 – Present tenses

Unit 5 – Classroom Management

Unit 6 – Past tenses

Unit 7 – New Language Vocabulary

Unit 8 – Future Tenses

Unit 9 -Aid to Planning

Unit 10 – Video lesson

Unit 11 – Reading and Listening Skills

Unit 12 – Speaking and Writing Skills

Unit 13 – Pronunciation and Phonology

Unit 14 – Materials and Resources

Unit 15 – Evaluating Student Levels and Progress

Unit 16 – Conditionals & Reported speech

Unit 17 – Teaching Aids

Unit 18 – Modal Verbs

Unit 19 -Teaching Styles and Various Groups

Unit 20 – Different Situations