175 Hour TEFL/ESL Advanced Certificate


175 Hour TEFL/ESL Advanced Certificate


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Our 175 hour online TEFL/ESL course is a great opportunity to qualify as a Teacher, Teaching English as a Foreign Language”

175 Hour TEFL/ESL Advanced Certificate

We were all excited here at TOC when this course was finalised; why you may ask? Well even though our previous 175 hour course was offering a great deal, it has now got even better; both in content and value.

So what’s included:

175 Hour TEFL/ESL Advanced Certificate: This “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” course has been written by course tutors with many years experience of teaching the subject themselves. Those tutors know what is needed to succeed in the profession and can give you the benefit of their combined knowledge.

Tefl Guide Book: The TOC TEFL Guide is included free and will explain how to teach English overseas,  what you need to know to succeed, destinations you can go to and what you need to do once you arrive at your chosen country.

Teachers Resource & Lesson Plan Pack: This is included free and is something we were asked for time and time again. Packed full of resources to help support you with your own students when you are in your own  classroom teaching them; lesson plans, tests with teacher notes, and including answers to the tests.

English Grammar:  You may want to just brush up on your existing level or perhaps you want to improve your understanding of the grammatical rules that govern the most popular language in use today. This book  covers the knowledge you require to teach English in your  own classroom.

The following units are covered:

Unit 1 – Language Teaching.

Unit 2 – What Makes a Good Teacher?.

Unit 3 – The Basics of Grammar.

Unit 4 – The Different Methods of Teaching.

Unit 5 – Tenses: Past.

Unit 6 – Managing the Classroom.

Unit 7 – Tenses: Present.

Unit 8 – Language Vocabulary.

Unit 9 – Tenses: Future.

Unit 10 – Lesson Plans and Procedures.

Unit 11 – The Video Lesson.

Unit 12 – The Skills of Listening & Reading.

Unit 13 – Writing and Speaking Skills.

Unit 14 – Phonology and Pronunciation.

Unit 15 – Materials and Resources.

Unit 16 – Appraising the Students.

Unit 17 – Reported Speech and Conditionals.

Unit 18 – Aids for Teaching.

Unit 19 – The Modal Verbs.

Unit 20 – The Various Groups and Styles of Teaching.

Unit 21 – Teaching & Various Situations.

Unit 22 – Teaching Children.

Unit 23 – Business English.

Unit 24 – Teaching One to One.

Unit 25 – Teaching Large Classes.

Unit 26 – Teaching Different Levels.

Unit 27 – Teaching Privately.

Unit 28 – Learning Styles.

Unit 29 – Testing the Students.

Unit 30 – Classroom Survival Tips.

This course is very thorough, and with the inclusion of the books and resources you will find you will posses everything needed to start your new career.