Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance


Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance

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This course includes everything needed to attain the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance.

Included are easy to follow presentations, videos and course books

The “Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance” covers all the knowledge and information you will require to undertake financial record keeping for businesses including liabilities, financial statements and budgeting.

Not only will this course show you how to setup and maintain financial records needed to comply with tax legislation, it will show you how to interpret the reports so that greater profits are achieved and  to better manage all aspects of any business.


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Product Description

You may be new to accounts or bookkeeping or it may be you want to improve your existing knowledge. Are you employed as a bookkeeper at present but want to advance yourself?

Giving you all you need to understand or improve your existing knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping and the production of basic financial statements. This course is ideal for those wishing to progress to fully qualified accountants.

This Accounting and Finance course will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to function, undertake the important aspects of accounting and bookkeeping.

Everything needed to enable a person to input data, create Financial and Management reports and more…  

How to create financial statements and how to analyse those statements once created.

Journal Entries, Debit & Credit, Day Books, VAT, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Management & Financial Ratios, Accruals & Prepayments, Depreciation, Bank Reconciliation and very much more is all explained, and where needed, examples are included along with step by step videos and presentations; including free spreadsheets. Whether you’re at basic or expert levels of knowledge, this course covers it all.

No prior knowledge is required as it starts at the basic level and works you up to the advanced level in easy steps. 

Also included free is our very popular book on Accounting and Finance.

Unit 1 – Foundation.

Unit 2 – Accounting Essentials.

Unit 3 – Bookkeeping Essentials.

Unit 4 – Accounting Maths Skills.

Unit 5 – Addition and Subtraction.

Unit 6 – Multiplication and Division.

Unit 7 – The Order of Operation.

Unit 8 – Business and the Books.

Unit 10 – Accruals and Prepayments.

Unit 11 – Debits and Credits and T – Accounts.

Unit 12 – Trial Balance.

Unit 13 – Value Added Tax.

Unit 14 – Profit v Cash.

Unit 15 – The Profit and Loss Account.

Unit 16 – Double Entry rules.

Unit 17 – The Balance Sheet.

Unit 18 – Break Even Point.

Unit 19 – Financial Ratios.

Unit 20 – Liquidity Ratios.

Unit 21 – Efficiency Ratios.

Unit 22 – Payables.

Unit 23 – Reconciling an Account.

Unit 24 – Preparing Financial Statements.

Unit 25 – Spreadsheets.

Unit 26 – Spreadsheets – Layout and Setup.

Unit 27 – Spreadsheets – Setup for Calculations.

Unit 28 – Formatting the Worksheet.

Unit 29 – Spreadsheets – Printing and Options.

Unit 30 – Spreadsheets – Charts and Graphs.

Unit 31 – Planning & the Future.